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Lingerie Style Quiz

Lingerie Style Quiz

1. Your Instagram feed is mainly … 📷

a) Cute Snaps From My Travels
b) Inspirational Quotes To Inspire My Audience
c) Showing Off My OOTD
d) Pictures Of Cocktails And Dinner With My Girls

    2. Your Go To Lipstick Is...  💄

    a) Post Box Red
    b) Soft Pink
    c) Clear Gloss All The Way
    d) 1 Of The Million Nude Variations I Have

      3.You’re Thirsty, What Are You Drinking...🥂

      a) Give Me Coffee, The Stronger The Better
      b) Water
      c) Green Juice
      d) Prosecco

        4. Your Most Listened To Playlist Is …🎶

        a) Songs To Sing In The Shower
        b) Top 50 Hits
        c) Motivational Podcasts
        d) Disney Hits

                5. Your Sunday Mornings Are …💫
          a) Going To My Favourite Brunch Spot With The Girls
          b) I Got In At 6 So Do You Have An Afternoon Option
          c) Up And Out Early Either Going For A Walk Or To The Gym
          d) Choosing What Skincare I'm Going To Spend All Day Doing
            6. You Have To Wear…👠

            a) Stilletos
            b) Trusted Heeled Ankle Boots
            c) Block Heel
            d) Platform Heels

              7. Your Wardrobe Is...✨

              a) Bursting With Colour
              b) Black
              c) Neutral Tones
              d) A Bit Of All Of The Above

                Mainly A's - Boss Bae 

                You know exactly what you like and how you like it! You're bold, ambitious and love to try new things! Your lingerie needs to be as streamlined as your ical, with clean lines and structure to match your no BS attitude and complement your bold personality. We recommend styles like our black lace suspender sets.

                Mainly B's - Sweet Like Candy

                Purple geometric lace bralette with brazilian brief

                Bright colours are your vibe, you're cheerful and have such a zest for life that your lingerie needs to match! You're a true romantic and with a preference for soft fabrics and pretty laces. The more that catches the eye the better! Opt for our colourful bodysuits or our colourful bralette sets.

                Mainly C's - Insta Idol 
                black lace bodysuit with scoop low back

                Your feed is your gallery, chic neutral tones that all complement each other, setting the mood for your luxury lifestyle. You're an effortless trendsetter! we would recommend styles that complement that 'je ne sais quoi' approach that is simple yet makes an impact. Opt for our classic styles like our black lace bodysuit.

                Mainly D's - Fitness Chic 

                You love to be comfortable and lockdown highlighted that all you need is a mix of activewear and loungewear! You're super active and you need your lingerie to be supportive yet move with you.We would suggest our bralette style sets and for that extra lift without wires opt for a longline option!   

                Mainly All Of The Above - The Lingerie Enthusiast 
                You have a passion for lingerie and know how it makes you feel! You love experimenting with new styles and mixing it with outerwear pieces. We recommend buying something new that you don't already have in your lingerie collection - if that's even possible!   


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